Alkhwarizmi,Enterprise Virtual Assistant

Build natural and rich conversational experiences, Give your clients new ways to interact with your products by building chatbots powered by AI.

End-To-End Solution

Provides every necessary component to be capable of Designing, Building, Testing, Deploying, and Integrating with multi-channels.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Combines Conversational AI, ML, Knoweldege Graph, Ontology and NLP, will bring you to understand what users are saying.

Best Quality & Performance

Affords the most powerful conversational tool; strong in language processing, and scalable to serve thousands of users concurrently.

Alkhwarizmi is user-friendly, intuitive, and just makes sense. Its arabic natural language undserstanding (NLU) is the best.

Mohammed Al-salman, Digital Channels Senior Manager, Riayed Bank

Here's why Alkhwarizmi is right for you?

Multi-Tasking & Instantaneous Response

Is your support fast enough?

Customers expect a real-time response (which is about few seconds). Keeping them on hold for more than 20 minutes to get initial help increases a 90% chance of losing customers. Which simply means churn goes up.

Availability 24/7

Got a long queue of customers waiting?

To help a customer effectively, your support agent can interact at most with two clients at a time. But this builds up your customer queues and support tickets. A chatbot can be available 24/7 to 1,000 customers at concurrently.

Cost Reduction

Do you Spend thousands of dollars in customer support?

Is your customer support team bigger than your core team? Or is it outsourced from an agency that lacks understanding your business? No more suffering and baring consuming business expenses in customer support, get a chatbot and save big.

Multi Channels

Your audiences, are talking with you from Multi Channels?

Reach more audiences, wherever they are. Build bots for the Web, Mobile, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other platforms your users are on.

Alkhwarizmi is your Modern Employee Experience

Leverage AI technology and bring consumer-like experiences to create an engaging work environment.


Deliver information about your organization, and services in a professional fashion.

Lead Generation

Attract visitors and convert them into leads for your sales team.

Modern Employee Experience

Problem Solving

Solve problems facing your customers while dealing with your services.

Personal Assistance

Help your registered clients managing their accounts with personalized experience.

Our Platform

Alkhwarizmi is an End-To-End Solution designed for enterprises. Provides every necessary component to be capable of Designing, Building, Testing, Deploying, and Integrating with multi-channels.

Task Response Diagram Builder

Create your chatbot easily by moving customizable elements over the scenario. Drag and drop responses and actions to compose the best conversational experience.

Ontology Bulider

Simply, compose your ontology hierarchical tree to represent the relation between your business entities. Ontology energizes your chatbot with relational knowledge.

Our Technologies

While Other Systems process Languages, Alkhwarizmi process Knowledge.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

  • Morphological Analyzer
  • Spell Checker
  • CFG Parser

knowledge Understanding

  • KB Knowledge Base
  • Ontology
  • Knowledge Graph

ML (Machine learning)

  • Classifier
  • Document Similarity
  • Clustring

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